St. Attractas Debs

event photography for debs or grads st attractas debs tubbercurry

One of the annual events I look forward to is the St. Attractas Debs which takes place every Summer. It one of the few debs which has been organised to give family and friends an opportunity to see the 6th Years before they travel to the Hotel for the main event. It also gives them an opportunity to have professional studio portraits taken with family, friends or just on their own. They have spent a small fortune on the glamour so why not capture it the right way. 

It also means they don’t have to hold on to the prints all night as they can give them to family or friends before they hop on the bus to the Hotel. 

We setup a small studio in the restaurant above The O.C. Bar in Tubbercurry and catered for an entourage of 180 guests in 2 hours. 

We had two viewing stations setup to cater for the large crowd so everyone could see their photos, pick their favourites and we print them in under a minute. 


If you would like a similar service for your debs, email to check availability.

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